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Planning to Compete – A new service for legal practices to help them succeed in the next 10 years

- Press release

The consequences of the Legal Services Bill are with us already. Richard Susskind has identified that technology will add an exponential change to the delivery of services by the legal profession, competition will be intense and law firms have a choice on taking the opportunities or not.

Driven by new technologies and changes in the regulatory environment many bread and butter legal services will become increasingly commoditised. In order to compete in this new environment legal practices are going to have to develop effective strategies which build upon their particular strengths and allow them to build a unique and valuable position.

One area ripe for response is that of business development but the key question is where should the effort be placed?

To help answer this fundamental question, Mike Blackburn and Bill Kirby of Professional Choice Consultancy (PCC) have developed a new packaged strategy programme which uses historical business and client/introducer analysis to help generate creative new strategic options for law firms looking to compete effectively in our evolving market place.

The programme is undertaken in two phases: initially PCC consultants will analyse firms’ readily available performance data by department and client to identify where the business is successful and where it faces issues. This internal view is then reassessed in context of the market as a whole to help understand particular areas of strength and weakness. Phase 2 of the programme involves a structured workshop, involving key members of the practice’s management team, which builds on the results of the analysis to identify options and initiatives that are prioritised for development.

The programme results in a focussed set of objectives which build upon the legal practice’s expertise and client relationships to help them compete in the changing market for legal services.

If you would like further information on this service please feel free to contact Mike or Bill at

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