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Strengthening the Business Development offering

- Press release

To further enhance the business development offering to the legal sector, Professional Choice Consultancy has formed a partnership with Whitworth Associates to mix commercial best practice with the uniqueness of the legal market. This follows on from the partnership with Dudley House and the planning to compete product.

This new relationship will bring to the market a unique combination of law firm understanding and vast experience at bringing home the principles of building and maintaining client relationships.

Main topics are the importance of client relationships, from prospect to advocate, Key Account Management and continuing firm/client relationships, understanding the depth and breadth of service offerings, developing the value proposition and creating a rewarding client experience and Auditing your CRM Capability.

The new service will be offered in a number of ways initially;
  • Individual presentations and workshops for client firms as they review their client management strategy.

  • Public seminars and conferences from one or two hour contributions to bigger programmes to complete one or two days conferences.

  • The first outing will be at Solicitors 2007 in London on 15 March 2007.

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Professional Choice Consultancy - principle Bill Kirby Many years at director level in commerce including 10 years as a director of Axxia Systems. The company provides business and IT/Marketing/HR strategy consultancy to law firms.

Whitworth Associates Principle Lee Williams Customer Champion and MBA graduate from Manchester Business School, Lee has previously worked with American Express, AXA UK, Lloyds TSB, KPMG and Barclays to improve client relationships and improve business performance.